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EIGA Winter Session 2020

PDF Presentations - EIGA Training Course and EIGA Seminar 2020

Thank you for your participation in our Training Course on Root Cause Analysis and our Seminar on Lessons Learned in Production and Filling Plants


For the delegates who registered to the EIGA Winter Session 2020, the Presentations of the EIGA Training Course 2020 and EIGA Seminar 2020 are now available in PDF format on this website.

To be able to view the Presentations, please click on Login and then insert the Username and Password mentioned on the first page of your Training Course material or on your Seminar book.

Please note there are 2 different Usernames and Passwords:
There is one Username and Password for the Training Course Material and another Username and Password for the Seminar material. So you will only be able to see one set of presentations at a time: either the Training Course or the Seminar presentations.